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Android has 70% market share in Q3

One of my favourite sources of mobile industry statistics is Tomi Ahonen’s blog Communities Dominate Brands. He has just released the Q3 numbers for smartphone sales and I will use them in this blog post to argue the importance of not choosing one platform for your mobile solutions. Thanks Tomi for your excellent summary! As I […]

Why do you need a mobile strategy?

Since I will be writing about mobile strategy in this blog I suppose it’s a good idea for me to define what I mean by a mobile Strategy and also why I believe it’s important to have one. Mobile strategy is a very broad term and it can be anything from one sentence stating that […]

Yes, you do need a mobile website!

Many of the customers I talk do are hesitant about creating a mobile version of their website.  According to several studies less than 40% of the fortune 500 companies have a mobile website and from my experience many Swedish companies with a strong presence on the web still don’t have a mobile web. So why […]

Welcome to this blog!

In this blog I will share my thoughts and experiences in regards to mobile strategy and mobile solutions.