One of my favourite sources of mobile industry statistics is Tomi Ahonen’s blog Communities Dominate Brands. He has just released the Q3 numbers for smartphone sales and I will use them in this blog post to argue the importance of not choosing one platform for your mobile solutions. Thanks Tomi for your excellent summary! As I […]

Since I will be writing about mobile strategy in this blog I suppose it’s a good idea for me to define what I mean by a mobile Strategy and also why I believe it’s important to have one. Mobile strategy is a very broad term and it can be anything from one sentence stating that […]

Many of the customers I talk do are hesitant about creating a mobile version of their website.  According to several studies less than 40% of the fortune 500 companies have a mobile website and from my experience many Swedish companies with a strong presence on the web still don’t have a mobile web. So why […]

In this blog I will share my thoughts and experiences in regards to mobile strategy and mobile solutions.